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KFlickr's KIPI Plugin

KFlickr can now be used as a KIPI Plugin known as Send2KFlickr



Latest stable release:





Released on Aug 6, 2006
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Send2KFlickr makes use of KFlickr as a KIPI plugin which allows for tighter integration with Kflickr and various KDE Photo Management applications such as digikam and kphotoalbum. The aim is to make it possible to manage your photos with a local photo management app such as digikam and automatically get your photo details to your flickr site without having to re-enter information. So far Send2KFlickr supports this with your photo title and description. Unfortunately due to some restrictions I have found within the KIPI API there is no support for photo tags.


If you currently use KFlickr you will notice that the first time you run send2kflickr your user accounts will not be available. This is due to the location in which KFlickr settings are saved and the fact that they are not shared between applications. Therefor you will have to go through the authorization steps with flickr.com to make your user settings avaiable. This will only have to be done once.


At this point in time Send2KFlickr is fully usable but is in very ealy stages of development. It has also been found that additional functionality is needed within the KIPI API before we can achieve our goal of "Manage Once". Send2KFlickr has been packaged for:


Send2KFlickr development is part of the Kflickr project and the associated development pages can be found here. Please also use this page for bug reports and feature requests.

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