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Welcome to the Kflickr Homepage

Kflickr is an easy to use photo uploader for flickr written for KDE.


KFlickr is now available as a KIPI plugin. That's right you will now be able to upload your photos directly from digikam, kphotoalbum and others using the same interface you have grown to love. So far photo title and description are supported. I am working on getting further support included but I am finding the KIPI API a bit limited. You can grab the software here.

NOTE: If you are a kflickr user you will notice that your user settings are not available in kflickr when run as a KIPI plugin. Just run the the authorization with flickr.com and you will be all set.




Latest stable release:





Released on July 5, 2006
what's new? :: release notes

KFlickr offers many features such as:

Screen Shots

Check out the Shots.


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kflickr on Freshmeat.net

Articles Etc...

Linux Magazine "Managing photo on flickr.com with kflickr" (pdf)


Kflickr is still in beta but has had many successful releases and few known bugs. Currently it is known to be packaged for easy installation on many Linux distros including:

If you are getting an "Invalid Signature" message while authenticating a new user please upgrade to 0.6.


The kflickr documentation is available through the kde help system. You may also browse the documentation here.


The Kflickr development pages can be found here. Please also use this page for bug reports and feature requests.

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