Chapter 2. Using KFlickr


More KFlickr features

The photo list is the heart of KFlickr. Drag-n-Drop your photos from any kde application, such as konqueror or digikam, onto the list to add them to KFlickr. Drag-n-Drop a photo in the list to change the order of the photos will be sent to Flickr. Left click on a photo to select it for editing or removal. Pressing the control key while left clicking on photos will allow you to select several photos for batch editing or removal. The list also provides you with a global view of each photo loaded into KFlickr and what it's attributes are set to. Depending on what is present in the list and what is selected you will notice that the various buttons found on the main KFlickr window will be disabled or enabled according to which actions are available.

The photo properties dialog will present you with the necessary tools to change the photo attributes to what you want them to be. Here you will be able to set the photo title, description, privacy level, upload size and photo tags. You may also do basic photo enhancements such as rotation. The properties dialog may be invoked for a single photo or for several photos (known as batch mode). When in batch mode the dialog will have no attributes set. Setting an attribute will result in that attribute being applied to all photos in the batch. Leaving an attribute blank will result in no changes to that attribute for the photos in the batch.